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Live Brands

The different project logos, all aligned here in harmony with our #AntiRacism theme. Each logo includes a brief overview and links for additional information. Get inspired to partner with us and achieve greater success!
Live Brands
Emirati Times

Since its inception in February 2011, Emirati Times has consistently upheld its commitment to delivering news with integrity, making it a go-to destination for those seeking reliable and insightful coverage of events shaping the United Arab Emirates. Committed to fact-based reporting and quality journalism, the Emirati Times has positioned itself as a reliable source of information, catering specifically to the Premium+ community in the UAE.

Emirati Times takes pride in its legacy of providing accurate and unbiased reporting, reflecting the values of the Emirati community. Notably, the Emirati Times distinguishes itself by prioritizing the reader's experience, as evidenced by its decision to refrain from displaying Banner and Pop-up ads that might disrupt the seamless consumption of news.

Live Brands
GCC Business News

Founded in 2008, GCC Business News (GBN) is a distinguished online business news portal that caters to the business community both within the GCC region and internationally. Committed to factual reporting, GBN has earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy source for the latest updates in GCC and global business affairs. The platform stands out for its accurate and relevant content, becoming an indispensable resource for business professionals in search of timely and insightful news.

Currently, GBN is recognized as a trusted media brand by governments and business professionals in the GCC countries. Its extensive collaborations with over 100 global brands and numerous business events have significantly boosted its market presence. Continuously growing, GBN is now an integral part of the 'Wellmade Network', a testament to its status as a leading provider of business news.

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Britain Herald

The eMedia brand 'Britain Herald', which has been present in the internet space since May 2006, is known for its inherent strength. It was strategically acquired by our founder in December 2019 in anticipation of its potential. Today, as a premium member of the 'WellMade Network', 'Britain Herald' is emerging as a formidable force in the eMedia landscape.

Since its acquisition, the brand has concentrated on providing 'Essential News' from a global viewpoint, specifically catering to a sophisticated and discerning audience. The eMedia brand has targeted a unique readership: people who, despite time constraints, are dedicated to keeping abreast of crucial international news. This dedication to an informed readership has been a driving force behind the growth of Britain Herald as a distinguished and premium media outlet.

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Auto World Journal

Auto World Journal (AWJ) is your automotive news and insights destination. Established in 2012, by Advanced Media Group in Myanmar, AWJ was a source for local auto updates. Following a series of ownership changes, the portal is now proudly owned by 'WellMade Network,' and is gradually solidifying its position as a key player in the automotive journalism landscape.

At Auto World Journal, we are committed to providing timely and comprehensive coverage of the automotive industry. From game-changing innovations to market updates and in-depth features on prominent brands, AWJ is the sole dedicated portal for automotive enthusiasts under the WellMade Network umbrella. Join us as we navigate the dynamic world of automobiles, keeping you informed about the latest trends and developments that shape the future of the automotive industry.

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Trade World News

Owned by WellMade Network since 2023, TradeWorldNews.com boasts a rich history that spans four decades. This eMedia brand originated in 1983 as a Florida-based print media outlet. Under the foresight of American entrepreneur Johnny Blue Star, it transitioned to a digital platform in 2002, initially focusing on the barter industry. Throughout its journey, the brand has experienced various changes in ownership and management, each contributed to its evolution.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, Trade World News has adopted a focused approach that concentrates on providing only the most critical updates and significant events. This streamlined strategy ensures that readers receive the information that truly matters in the fast-paced world of trade, business, and global affairs.

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Gulf Business Club

The Gulf Business Club (GBC), which emerged in the internet world on November 7, 2008, is currently experiencing a phase of growth. Since June 2020, it has functioned as a distinct enclave for esteemed personalities, corporate leaders, and business representatives from the entrepreneurial sector.

Now under the management of WellMade Network, GBC is an elite, invitation-only group. It focuses on fostering meaningful professional and personal relationships, encouraging growth, mentoring, and cultivating sustainable business partnerships. The club offers a unique networking platform that promotes strategic alliances, entrepreneurial expansion, and personal development. GBC aims to become the region's most prestigious business club, renowned for its exclusivity, prestige, and exceptional camaraderie.

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