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Upcoming Projects

Here's a list of brilliant projects that we're developing at our brainstorming factory, aimed at making a significant impact across various business verticals. Interested in teaming up or investing? Give us a call – we're eager to chat!
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Lifestyle Outlook

The brand name 'Lifestyle Outlook,' born in the internet world on Oct 10, 2006, became an asset of WellMade Network in September 2023. This project is envisioned as a dedicated online news portal encompassing the spectrum of fashion and lifestyle. Lifestyle Outlook is committed to providing a comprehensive view of the latest trends and events in the dynamic world of lifestyle, covering everything from new launches and brand updates to fashion events, awards, and celebrity fashion.

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The Behinder

An upcoming eMedia brand from WellMade Networks, is tailored for dynamic global business readers. Set for a global market launch, it will provide comprehensive business insights both online and offline. Our founder coined and registered this brand name in April 2020. Its core focus is to deliver high-quality content highlighting the visionaries behind successful businesses, revealing their strategies and insights. Additionally, The Behinder will feature exclusive events, webinars, and a community platform..

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Business Digest

Business Digest, a forthcoming project by WellMade Network, is set to become a premium Indian Business Portal. Established as a brand on Mar 2, 2012, and now under the ownership of WellMade Network, it is specifically tailored for the dynamic business landscape of the Indian Peninsula. Promising comprehensive coverage and insightful analyses, Business Digest will provide timely updates, market trends, and expert perspectives, making it an indispensable resource for staying abreast of the ever-evolving business ecosystem in the region.

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The Finworld

The Finworld, an upcoming finance portal by WellMade Network, is a dynamic online news platform delivering real-time insights into the Finworld landscape. This finance news portal covers diverse economies, providing updates on major events and changes that have a profound impact on the world economy. This brand name, which emerged in the internet world on January 16, 2007, became the virtual asset of our founder in May 2023 and has since joined the WellMade Network. Stay informed with The Finworld, your go-to source for in-depth analysis and timely updates in the ever-evolving realm of finance.

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Digitech Times

Digitech Times, an upcoming project of the WellMade Network, was born in the virtual world on Jun 25, 2004. It is envisioned as a leading online portal dedicated to the global technology landscape. Focusing on both minor updates and groundbreaking innovations, Digitech Times aims to be a go-to platform for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Acquired by our founder in November 2022, this brand name is now owned by the WellMade Network. Stay tuned for coverage that offers insights into the latest trends and developments in the dynamic world of technology.

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Travelers Weekly

This brand name, established in the virtual world on July 31, 2002, was acquired by our founder in February 2017. Now under the ownership of WellMade Network, the project is set to revolutionize the online travel and tourism sector. As a platform encompassing all facets of the travel and tourism industry, it delves deeply into various subtopics within the field, offering a unique perspective and striving to become a key player in the global market. Prepare for an enriching journey into the realm of travel with Travelers Weekly, which promises a comprehensive exploration of travel experiences.

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Star Of Sector

Welcome to 'Star of Sector', an upcoming initiative by WellMade Network, aimed at recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements across various sectors. This prestigious event is set to honour those who have made significant contributions, showcased innovation, and demonstrated exceptional leadership. Anticipate the unveiling of the first-ever 'Star of Sector' awards, as we spotlight excellence and ground- breaking successes. Join us in this momentous occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the pioneers who are not just leading but also redefining excellence in their industries.

Live Brands
Miss GCC

Prepare to be captivated by 'Miss GCC', an upcoming beauty pageant event from WellMade Network. This exciting venture, themed 'Beauty Beyond Colors', is dedicated to showcasing the elegance, intelligence, and diverse cultural essence of women from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. More than a celebration of physical beauty, 'Miss GCC' stands as a testament to the depth and variety of beauty that transcends appearances. Anticipate a unique event where the inaugural Miss GCC will be crowned, symbolizing a new era of grace, empowerment, and beauty in its richest form.

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World Lifestyle Expo

Coming soon, the World Lifestyle Expo by WellMade Network is set to be a ground-breaking event in lifestyle and wellness. This expo will showcase the latest sustainable living, wellness, and innovative lifestyle trends. Anticipate engaging seminars, interactive workshops, and a chance to network with industry leaders. The World Lifestyle Expo is poised to be a pivotal event for those passionate about a healthy, stylish, and eco-conscious life.

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Medi Tech Summit

The Medi Tech Summit, a new seed stage initiative by WellMade Network, is set to be a dynamic event in medical technology. It aims to gather innovative minds in healthcare and technology to showcase early- stage projects with transformative potential. This summit will serve as a collaborative platform for startups, researchers, and professionals, offering discussions, demonstrations, and networking to spur growth and innovation in medical tech.

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Arab World Award

The Arab World Award, presented by the WellMade Network, is an upcoming prestigious event celebrating excellence and innovation across the Arab world. It aims to honour achievements in social, economic, cultural, and media sectors, as well as in arts, science, and technology. This award ceremony will bring together eminent individuals and organizations from the region, providing a stage for presentations, exhibitions, and networking. It highlights the Arab world's rich heritage and fosters cross-cultural collaboration, serving as a platform for recognizing remarkable talent

inner lobby
Inner Lobby

Inner Lobby, a future endeavor by WellMade Network, is set to transform the landscape of innerwear shopping. This boutique chain, designed for men and women, places a strong emphasis on privacy. It combines thorough market research with the latest technology to provide a customized shopping experience. Leveraging sophisticated online marketing tactics, Inner Lobby is ready to stylishly and discreetly cater to the varied tastes of its consumers.

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