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Advantages of Featuring in Prominent News Portal

A review or a news article about your institution published by a prominent online news portal offers numerous benefits. Before engaging with a news portal, it is important to consider its authority, domain strength, spam score, and Google indexing age to ensure optimal impact. Additionally, verifying whether the news portal's content aligns with our institution's brand image is also necessary.

To check website authority, the portal 'ahrefs' can help, and to check domain authority and spam score, the portal 'moz' can assist us. To check the Google index, search for the news portal's name from a desktop/laptop, and in the search results, you can see three dots on the right side of the website address. Clicking on it will show how many years the website has been indexed by Google. For instance, if it shows 'EmiratiTimes.com was indexed by Google more than 10 years ago', it means that Google has indexed the site for over ten years (the maximum shown in these results is up to ten years).

Here are 13 key benefits of being featured in a prominent news portal:

1. Enhanced Credibility: Being listed or mentioned on a reputable news platform can enhance your organization's credibility. Readers often perceive news stories or listings as trustworthy than advertisements, so a story on a respected portal can lend legitimacy to your organization.

2. Improved Brand Value: A well-crafted article or listing allows showcasing your achievements, values, and differentiating factors, shaping public perception positively.

3) SEO Benefits: Online news stories/review listings with a do-follow link often rank high in search engine results, especially if they're from a leading portal. If the story about your organization includes a link to your website, it can improve your website's SEO, leading to more organic traffic.

4) Indirect SEO Benefits: While a "no follow" link does not directly contribute to your website's SEO, the increased visibility and traffic to your site can lead to indirect benefits. For instance, readers who find your story compelling might search for your website or mention it in other contexts that contribute to SEO.

5. Broader Visibility: Reputable news portals attract a diverse audience. This exposure helps reach potential customers, partners, and investors who might have otherwise missed your institution.

6. Social Media Presence: News stories/mentions/listings tend to be shared on social media platforms, amplifying their reach. A compelling story can go viral, significantly boosting your organization's online profile.

7. Networking Opportunities: Having our organization featured on a news portal, whether as a story, mention, or listing, significantly boosts our visibility among players in similar sectors. This exposure attracts the attention of industry leaders and influencers and puts us on the radar of potential collaborators. Such recognition opens doors to valuable networking opportunities, fostering connections that may lead to collaborative projects, mentorship, and partnerships.

8. Strategic Positioning: Positive news placements strengthen your market position by demonstrating expertise, innovation, and differentiation from competitors.

9. Authenticity Verification: Positive news/reviews/mentions might assist in creating verified pages on social media and in starting pages on credible platforms like Wikipedia.

10. Increased Employee Morale: Positive media attention boosts employee morale by showcasing the organization's impact and making it more attractive to potential hires.

11. Crisis Management Advantage: Established presence on reputable news portals provides a platform for direct communication with a broad audience, facilitating effective crisis management.

12. Audience Insights and Feedback: Reader feedback and engagement provide valuable insights into your audience's interests and perceptions, informing marketing strategies and business decisions.

13. Potential Sales Increase: Recognition as a top institution can directly lead to increased sales and inquiries, as prospective clients tend to favor organizations praised for their excellence.

In short, engaging strategically with prominent news portals can yield a multitude of benefits, including enhanced credibility, a better brand image, expanded reach, and, ultimately, significant growth for our organization. 

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